The Politicalbetting/Polling Matters TV Show: Serious discussion for those seriously interested in political outcomes

Edition April 13 2016: BREXIT turnout, Trump and a guide to political spread betting

Edition April 6 2016: The Battle for London & WH2016 after Wisconsin

Edition Maech 30 2016: Labour and the Sanders threat to Hillary

Edition March 24 2016: Trump/Brussels/Brexit/Odbo WH2016

Edition March 16 2016: The budget, Osbo, BREXIT and WH2016

Edition March 9th 2016: Brexit, Boris and who is going to be CON leader

Edition March 3rd 2016: Super Tuesday, the EU Referendum and Boris

Edition February 18 2016: The Supreme Court battle & LAB’s dire polling numbers

Edition February 10th 2016: New Hampshire – the aftermath and the implications

Edition February 4th 2016: The first pilot