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Irish General Election 2020 : Results & Review (Part Two : G – L Constituencies)

Friday, February 14th, 2020

It has now been nearly a week since the Irish General Election took place on the 8th of February 2020 and we are still no further on to getting a Dáil government elected. It was pretty much a three way tie with Micheál Martin’s Fianna Fáil on 38 seats, Mary Lou McDonald’s Sinn Féin on 37 seats and Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael on 35 seats. Who is going to be the next Taoiseach and which parties will form the coalition? We simply don’t know but what do know is the elected T.D’s, but who were they? Find out here.

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Irish General Election 2020 : Results & Review (Part One : C & D Constituencies)

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

A general election never fails to excite or interest us and there was simply no inception here. The main talking points were Health, Homelessness & Housing (they must like or dislike the letter “H” in Ireland). Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael & Sinn Féin are the main three parties, but who will win and where did they go wrong? Find out below!
Carlow / Kilkenny (Quota = 12,274)
As expected Kathleen (Sinn Féin) got elected here, although I didn’t expect her to win. John McGuinness (Fianna Fáil) was the second candidate elected. The Green Party achieved the upset.
Result : Five Elected
Kathleen Funchion (S.F) 17,493 (1st Count)John Paul Phelan (F.G) 13,172 (Count 8)Jennifer Murnane O’Connor (F.F) 12,839 (Count 8)John McGuinness (F.F) 12,612 (Count 6)
Malcolm Noonan (G.P) 10,543 (Count 10, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Bobby Aylward (F.F) 9,985.

Cavan / Monaghan (Quota = 12,031)
The top three elected runners will either be elected in the first or second count. Who will get the last two remaining seats? this really is a lottery.

Result : Five Elected
Matt Carthy (S.F) 16,310 (1st Count)Pauline Tully (S.F) 13,457 (Count 2)Heather Humphreys (F.G) 12,808 (1st Count)Brendan Smith (F.F) 11,004 (Count 11, Final Count)
Niamh Smyth (F.F) 10,951 (Count 11, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) T.P O’Reilly (F.G) 8,646.
Clare (Quota = 11,900)I always thought Clare would be a pretty close battle and that there wouldn’t be anyone elected on the first few counts. It was fairly balanced between the top three parties. Michael McNamara (Ind) was the first across the line. Strangely enough, all four candidates were elected via the 10th and final count, but who were they?
Result : Four Elected
Michael McNamara (Ind) 12,205 (Count 10, Final Count)Violet-Anne Wynne (S.F) 11,903 (Count 10, Final Count)Cathal Crowe (F.F) 11,471 (Count 10, Final Count)Joe Carey (F.G) 11,345 (Count 10, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Timmy Dooley (F.F) 10,630.
Cork East (Quota = 10,909)
There was a candidate elected on the first count, but who was it?
Result : Four Elected
Pat Buckley (S.F) 12,587 (1st Count)Seán Sherlock (Lab) 11,237 (Count 8, Final Count)David Stanton (F.G) 10,309 (Count 8, Final Count)James O’Connor (F.F) 9,731 (Count 8, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Kevin O’Keeffe (F.F) 9,078.
Cork North Central (Quota = 10,356)
This was a tricky one to call but I knew Thomas Gould (S.F) would get a seat with ease. who followed him over the line?
Result : Four Elected
Thomas Gould (S.F) 13,811 (1st Count)Padraig O’Sullivan (F.F) 12,099 (Count 12)Colm Burke (F.G) 10,649 (Count 14, Final Count)Mick Barry (SOL-PBP) 9,396 (Count 14, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Kenneth O’Flynn (Ind) 7,280.
Cork North West (Quota = 11,593)
With only three seats up for grabs, can Aindrias & Michael Moynihan (not related) get a seat or will one of them lose out marginally?
Result : Three Elected
Michael Creed (F.G) 13,060 (Count 5, Final Count)Michael Moynihan (F.F) 11,240 (Count 5, Final Count)Aindrias Moynihan (F.F) 11,173 (Count 5, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Ciarán McCarthy (S.D) 8,588.
Cork South Central (Quota = 11,429)
I knew Simon Coveney (F.G), Micheál Martin (F.F) & Michael McGrath (F.F) would be elected here without many obstacles, although was it plain sailing or nail biting?
Result : Four Elected
Donnchadh O’Laoghaire (S.F) 14,057 (1st Count)Simon Coveney (F.G) 12,170 (Count 8, Final Count)Micheál Martin (F.F) 11,505 (Count 6)Michael McGrath (F.F) 10,809 (Count 8, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Lorna Bogue (G.P) 9,179.
Cork South West (Quota = 11,085)
Michael Collins (Ind) was a forgone conclusion in his beloved constituency, who would join him?

Result : Three Elected

Michael Collins (Ind) 11,712 (1st Count)Christopher O’Sullivan (F.F) 11,262 (Count 8, Final Count)Holly Cairns (S.D) 10,078 (Count 8, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Tim Lombard (F.G) 9,526.
Donegal (Quota : 12,909)
Pearse Doherty (S.F) was the biggest certainty of this election and as expected he was elected on the first count with flying colours. Thomas Pringle (Ind) was elected but as expected, it wasn’t straight forward. Unfortunately for Fianna Fáil, Pat “The Cope” Gallagher just missed out by 350 votes.
Result : Five Elected
Pearse Doherty (S.F) 21,044 (1st Count)Pádraig MacLochlainn (S.F) 13,891 (1st Count)Thomas Pringle (Ind) 12,245 (Count 9, Final Count)
Joe McHugh (Fine Gael) 12,104 (Count 9, Final Count)Charlie McConalogue (F.F) 11,432 (Count 9, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Pat “The Cope” Gallagher (F.F) 11,074.

Dublin Bay North (Quota = 11,935)
It was predicted that Denise Mitchell (S.F) would be elected here and that prediction lived up to the expectation. This constituency was fairly balanced between five parties. We knew the G.P vote would improve here but was it enough?

Result : Five Elected
Denise Mitchell (S.F) 21,344 (1st Count)
Richard Bruton (F.G) 13,367 (Count 10)Cian O’Callaghan (S.D) 12,438 (Count 14, Final Count)
Aodhán Ó’Ríordáin (LAB) 11,283 (Count 14, Final Count)
Seán Haughey (F.F) 10,955 (Count 14, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) David Healy (G.P) 8,527.

Dublin Bay South (Quota = 7,919)

Eamon Ryan (G.P) is a well liked Politician in this part of Ireland and he was expected to get elected without any problems.

Result : Four Elected

Eamon Ryan (G.P) 8,888 (1st Count)Chris Andrews (S.F)  8,797 (Count 8, Final Count)
Eoghan Murphy (F.G) 7,602 (Count 8, Final Count)Jim O’Callaghan (F.F) 7,158 (Count 8, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Kate O’Callaghan (F.G) 6,270.

Dublin Central (Quota = 6,288)

The Green Party are getting more popular in most parts of Dublin, Mary Lou McDonald (S.F) was home on the first count, of course.

Result : Four Elected

Mary Lou McDonald (S.F) 11,223 (1st Count)Neasa Hourigan (G.P) 6,551 (Count 9, Final Count)Paschal Donohoe (F.G) 6,126 (Count 9, Final Count)Gary Gannon (S.D) 5,718 (Count 9, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Christy Burke (Ind) 5,168.

Dublin Fingal (Quota = 10,574)

The two O’Brien’s (Joe from the G.P & Darragh from F.F) were safely elected but who followed them across the line? Again, this constituency was fairly balanced between five parties.
Result : Five Elected

Louise O’Reilly (S.F) 15,792 (1st Count)
Joe O’Brien (G.P) 10,720 (Count 8)
Darragh O’Brien (F.F) 10,652 (Count 8)
Alan Farrell (F.G) 10,577 (Count 11)
Duncan Smith (Lab) 8,340 (Count 12, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Dean Mulligan (I4C) 8,152.
Dublin Mid West (Quota = 9,091)
I expected Sinn Féin to get two of the four seats here and that’s what happened. Emer Higgins (F.G) was elected on the final count but I wasn’t expecting her to take as long.
Result : Four Elected
Eoin Ó’Broin (S.F) 11,842 (1st Count)Mark Ward (S.F) 9,808 (Count 2)Emer Higgins (F.G) 9,735 (Count 9, Final Count)Gino Kenny (Sol-PBP) 8,089 (Count 9, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) John Curran (F.F) 7,383.
Dublin North West (Quota = 8,097)

Of course, Dessie Ellis (S.F) was elected first in this constituency and as expected, there was no barriers for Róisín Shortall (S.D) in this election.
Result : Three Elected.
Dessie Ellis (S.F) 14,375 (1st Count)Róisín Shortall (S.D) 8,148 (Count 4)Paul McAuliffe (F.F) 7,403 (Count 6, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Conor Reddy (Sol-PBP) 6,308.
Dublin Rathdown (Quota = 10,601)
Both Fine Gael candidates would be elected here but it wasn’t straight forward. Who would get the first seat?
Result : Three Elected.
Catherine Martin (G.P) 11,444 (1st Count)Neale Richmond (F.G) 9,704 (Count 8, Final Count)Josepha Madigan (F.G) 8,677 (Count 8, Final Count)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Shea Brennan (F.F) 8,277.
Dublin South Central (Quota = 8,659)
Although Joan Collins (Ind) would have to wait until count 6 (final count) to be elected, she was a few hundred ahead of her nearest rival.
Result : Four Elected
Aengus Ó’Snodaigh (S.F) 17,015 (1st Count)Bríd Smith (Sol-PBP) 9,547 (Count 2)Patrick Costello (G.P) 8,582 (Count 6, Final Count)Joan Collins (Ind) 7,807 (Count 6, Final)
Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Catherine Byrne (F.G) 7,431.

Dublin South West (Quota = 11,261)
Seán Crowe (S.F) was the first candidate to be elected via the first count. Sol-PBP, Fianna Fáil & Fine Gael all had multiple runners here but unfortunately for them, they only got one each elected. Find out below who they were.

Result : Five Elected

Seán Crowe (S.F) 20,077 (1st Count)
Paul Murphy (Sol-PBP) 12,311 (Count 8)
Colm Brophy (F.G) 11,543 (Count 10)Francis Noel Duffy (G.P) 11,138 (Count 11, Final Count)
John Lahart (F.F) 10,974 (Count 11, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Katherine Zappone (Ind) 8,050.
Dublin West (Quota = 8,726)

The main four parties got one T.D each in this one. Leo Varadkar (F.G) was elected but it was far from straight forward.

Result : Four Elected

Paul Donnelly (S.F) 12,456 (1st Count)
Jack Chambers (F.F) 9,107 (Count 6, Final Count)Leo Varadkar (F.G) 8,763 (Count 5)Roderic O’Gorman (G.P) 8,260 (Count 6, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Ruth Coppinger (Sol-PBP) 7,580.

Dún Laoghaire (Quota = 12,459)

This was a wide open constituency, as expected. Sinn Féin polled awful here but that wasn’t a surprise. Fine Gael had three runners including two females and strangely enough they both have double barrel surnames. One of the two just missed out but who was it?

Result : Four Elected

Richard Boyd Barrett (Sol-PBP) 16,364 (Count 5)
Ossian Smyth (G.P) 12,510 (Count 6)
Jennifer Carroll MacNeill (F.G) 12,061 (Count 8, Final Count)Cormac Devlin (F.F) 11,071 (Count 8, Final Count)

Best Runner Up: (NOT Elected) Mary Mitchell O’Connor (F.G) 10,612.

REVIEW: Thank you to all the political fans who followed my insight and review before the election. This is a brief review of the outcome and results. Well done to all the elected T.D’s and commiserations to all the non-elected runners up.



Irish General Election 2020 : Predictions & Review (Final Part)

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

This is it. We’re at the point of no return, there’s no going back now. We’re had numerous articles, interviews, political shows, polls and retirements. The only stage left now is the official results!

Which candidates are in the driving seat and which are feeling the pressure?, find out below.

As per usual, I will covering the final few constituencies in alphabetical order.

Mayo (Four Seats)
Currently, the constituency of Mayo is represented by two TD’s from Fine Gael and two TD’s from Fianna Fáil. Personally, I can’t see anything changing this time.

The big issues in Mayo are health, employment, education and many others. Alan Dillon is a former football and that pedigree might get him the fourth seat.

Prediction: Dara Calleary (Fianna Fail), Michael Ring (Fine Gael) & Lisa Chambers (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Alan Dillon (Fine Gael), Michelle Mulherin (Fine Gael), Saoirse McHugh (Green Party), Rose Conway-Walsh (Sinn Fein).

Meath East (Three Seats)

Meath East is one of the smaller constituencies and should see at least one Fine Gael & Fianna Fáil getting a seat.

Prediction: Thomas Byrne (Fianna Fail) & Helen McEntee (Fine Gael).

Other Runners: Regina Doherty (Fine Gael), Darren O’Rourke (Sinn Fein), Sharon Keogan (Ind), Seán McCabe (Green Party).

Meath West (Three Seats)
Peadar Tóibín is a very popular guy in this part of Ireland, I’m expecting him to get a seat.

Prediction: Shane Cassells (Fianna Fail), Damien English (Fine Gael) & Peadar Tóibín (Aontu)

Other Runners: Johnny Guirke (Sinn Fein), Noel French (Fine Gael), Sarah Reilly (Fine Gael).

Roscommon – Galway (Three Seats)

Prediction: Denis Naughten (Ind) & Michael Fitzmaurice (Ind).

Other Runners: Eugene Murphy (Fianna Fail), Orla Leyden (Fianna Fail), Claire Kerrane (Sinn Fein) & Aisling Dolan (Fine Gael).

Sligo – Leitrim (Four Seats)
Sligo & Leitrim is a very hard area to call and I’m certain this will be one of the most exciting ones in the 2020 election. There are many candidates with a genuine chance here.

Prediction: Marc MacSharry (Fianna Fail), Marian Harkin (Ind) & Martin Kenny (Sinn Fein).

Other Runners: Eamon Scanlon (Fianna Fail), Thomas Walsh (Fine Gael), Frank Feighan (Fine Gael), Gino O’Boyle (PBP), Shane Ellis (Fianna Fail).

Tipperary (Five Seats)
Tipperary won’t be as competitive as some of the other constituencies apart from the fifth and final seat, there will be four or five people in with a shot.

Prediction: Mattie McGrath (Ind), Michael Lowry (Ind) & Jackie Cahill (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Alan Kelly (Labour Party), Seamus Healy (Ind), Garret Ahearn (Fine Gael), Mary Newman (Fine Gael), Joe Hannigan (Ind), Martin Browne (Sinn Fein), Imelda Goldsboro (Fianna Fail).

Waterford (Four Seats)
I’m expecting my two predicted candidates to safely get a seat in Waterford, the remaining two seats (third & fourth) will possibly be the closest in the country.

Prediction: David Cullinane (Sinn Fein) & Mary Butler (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Damien Geoghegan (Fine Gael), Matt Shanahan (Ind), Eddie Mulligan (Fianna Fail), Marc O’Cathasaigh (Green Party), John Cummins (Fine Gael), John Pratt (Labour Party), Kieran Hartley (Ind).

Wexford (Five Seats)
Wexford is one of the biggest places on the island of Ireland. It’s also one of the highest prolific constituencies where candidates run. Again, i’m expecting the final two seats (fourth and fifth) to be ultra close.

Prediction: Brendan Howlin (Labour Party), Malcolm Byrne (Fianna Fail) & James Browne (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Michael D’Arcy (Fine Gael), Paul Kehoe (Fine Gael), Verona Murphy (Ind), Johnny Mythen (Sinn Fein), Michael Sheehan (Fianna Fail), Ger Carthy (Ind).

Wicklow (Five Seats)
Wicklow is usually one for coughing up an upset or two, there could be another this time. All the runners in my other category have a genuine chance of getting elected.

Prediction: John Brady (Sinn Fein), Stephen Donnelly (Fianna Fail) & Simon Harris (Fine Gael).

Other Runners: Pat Casey (Fianna Fail), Andrew Doyle (Fine Gael), Steven Matthews (Green Party), Valerie Cox (Ind), Jennifer Whitmore (Social Democrats), Billy Timmins (Fine Gael).

This is it. We’re at the point of no return, there’s no going back now. We’re had numerous articles, interviews, political shows, polls and retirements. The only stage left now is the official results!

Which candidates are in the driving seat and which are feeling the pressure?, find out below.

As per usual, I will covering the final few constituencies in alphabetical order.

Mayo (Four Seats)
Currently, the constituency of Mayo is represented by two TD’s from Fine Gael and two TD’s from Fianna Fáil. Personally, I can’t see anything changing this time.

The big issues in Mayo are health, employment, education and many others. Alan Dillon is a former football and that pedigree might get him the fourth seat.

Prediction: Dara Calleary (Fianna Fail), Michael Ring (Fine Gael) & Lisa Chambers (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Alan Dillon (Fine Gael), Michelle Mulherin (Fine Gael), Saoirse McHugh (Green Party), Rose Conway-Walsh (Sinn Fein).



Irish General Election 2020 : Predictions & Review, Part 2

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

With the Irish general election taking place a week on Saturday the pressure is mounting on Leo Varadkar & the Fine Gael members.

Michael Martin looks more certain to become the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) but it’s not over yet. Can Sinn Fein pull off the almighty, unbelievable upset, find out below!
My predictions will be submitted in alphabetical order.

Galway East (Three Seats)

Galway East looks set to be a very interesting constituency and nobody is safe here, The current TD’s are Sean Canney (Independent), Anne Rabbitte (Fianna Fáil) & Ciaran Cannon (Fine Gael). This constituency is mainly rural including areas like Tuam (Galway North), Kinvara, Gort (Galway South) and Loughrea, Portumna (Galway East).

Sean Canney will be feeling the heat, although he’s a very hard community worker, I think he will just lose it this time.

Prediction: Anne Rabbitte (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Sean Canney (Ind), Ciaran Cannon (Fine Gael), Pete Roche (Fine Gael), Donagh Killilea (Fianna Fail).

Galway West (Five Seats)

Galway West was a constituency where Fianna Fáil got a higher percentage of first preferences than Fine Gael yet achieved only one seat, while Fine Gael got Two. This is definitely going to be one of the most, if not the most exciting come election day (8th February 2020). Although Noel Grealish is somewhat controversial, He looks to be re-elected. Green Party look to do rather well this time around. Sean Kyne (Fine Gael) could be under serious pressure,

Prediction: Eamon O’Cuiv (Fianna Fáil), Noel Grealish (Ind) & Pauline O Reilly (Green Party).

Other Runners: Hildegrade Naughten (Fine Gael), Sean Kyne (Fine Gael), Niall O’Tuathail (Social Democrats), Catherine Connolly (Ind), Ollie Crowe (Fianna Fail), Mairéad Farrell (Sinn Fein), Mike Cubbard (Ind).

Kerry (Five Seats)

Kerry is home to just over 100,000 citizens and the independents are very popular in this part of Ireland. The Healy-Rae’s (Michael & Danny) are both nailed on to get re-elected. The pair are both Independents. Brendan Griffin (Fine Gael) & John Brassil (Fianna Fáil) should do enough to win a seat, although it probably won’t be on the first count.

Prediction: Michael Healy-Rae (Ind), Danny Healy-Rae (Ind), Brendan Griffin (Fine Gael) & John Brassil (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Norma Foley (Fianna Fail), Pa Daly (Sinn Fein), Mike Kennelly (Fine Gael), Norma Moriarty (Fianna Fail).

Kildare North (Four Seats)

This sets to be a terrific constituency with the fourth seat being on a knife edge. Excluding Catherine Murphy (Social Democrats), This constituency is fairly balanced between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. I’m not entirely sure if the Greens will get the fourth seat but I wouldn’t rule out Emmet Stagg (Labour).

Prediction: Catherine Murphy (Social Democrats), James Lawless (Fianna Fail) & Frank O’Rourke (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Bernard Durkan (Fine Gael), Anthony Lawlor (Fine Gael), Vincent P.Martin (Green Party), Reada Cronin (Sinn Fein), Emmet Stagg (Labour Party).

Kildare South (Three Seats)

There are only three seats here and Fianna Fáil hold two of them, with Martin Heydon (Fine Gael) holding the other. It won’t be straight forward but I can’t see any or much change here this time around. Mark Wall (Labour) is probably most likely of the rest to challenge for third place.

Prediction: Fiona O’Loughlin (Fianna Fail) & Martin Heydon (Fine Gael).

Other Runners: Mark Wall (Labour), Suzanne Doyle (Fianna Fail), Cathal Berry (Ind), Patricia Ryan (Sinn Fein), Fiona McLoughlin Healy (Independent).

Laois – Offaly (Five Seats)

Prediction: Barry Cowen (Fianna Fail), Charlie Flanagan (Fine Gael), Sean Fleming (Fianna Fail) & Brian Stanley (Sinn Fein).

Other Runners: Peter Ormond (Fianna Fail), Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy (Fine Gael), Carol Nolan (Ind), John Leahy (Ind), Pippa Hackett (Green Party), Pauline Flanagan (Fianna Fail).

Limerick City (Four Seats)

Prediction: Willie O’Dea (Fianna Fail) & Maurice Quinlivan (Sinn Fein).

Other Runners: Kieran O’Donnell (Fine Gael), James Collins (Fianna Fail), Frankie Daly (Ind), Jan O Sullivan (Labour Party), Brian Leddin (Green Party), Maria Byrne (Fine Gael).

Limerick County (Three Seats)
Prediction: Niall Collins (Fianna Fail) & Patrick O Donovan (Fine Gael).

Other Runners: Tom Neville (Fine Gael), Michael Collins (Fianna Fail), Richard O’Donoghue (Ind), Claire Keating (Green Party).

Longford – Westmeath (Four Seats)
Prediction: Robert Troy (Fianna Fail), Kevin “Boxer” Moran (Ind) & Peter Burke (Fine Gael).

Other Runners: Joe Flaherty (Fianna Fail), Michael Carrigy (Fine Gael), Alan Mangan (Labour Party), James Reynolds (National Party), Gabrielle McFadden (Fine Gael), Louise Heavin (Green Party).

Louth (Five Seats)

Prediction: Imelda Munster (Sinn Fein) & Declan Breathnach (Fianna Fail).

Other Runners: Ruairi O’Murchu (Sinn Fein), Ged Nash (Labour Party), Fergus O’Dowd (Fine Gael), Peter Fitzpatrick (Ind), John McGahon (Fine Gael), James Byrne (Fianna Fail), Mark Dearey (Green Party).

That’s the end of part two, I will submit part three in the next few days. Thank you.



Irish General Election 2020 : Predictions & Review, Part One

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Last week, Leo Varadkar called an early Dáil Election. Will his choice backfire or will he get another term? Find out below.

Michael Martin (Fianna Fáil) has been putting the pressure on few quite some time, Fine Gael only won by a handful of seats last time (2016 election) and Leo is now starting to feel the heat.

Leo has made a handful of school boy errors and according to the recent polls, Michael Martin should be elected as the new Taoiseach on 8th February 2020.

Politics is of course very interesting and exciting, the general public have the control to elect anyone from their constituency. So far, Eighteen (18) former TD’s have announced that they won’t be running including Gerry Adams (Sinn Féin) & Edna Kenny (Fine Gael).

Ireland is a country that in my opinion has more than enough Independent TD’s. There are only a few places up for grabs, but who’s going to get them?

I will be submitting my predictions in alphabetical order.

Carlow / Kilkenny (5 TD’s)

Bobby Aylward (Fianna Fail), John McGuinness (Fianna Fail), John Paul Phelan (Fine Gael) High, Pat Deering (Fine Gael) will be elected.

Jennifer Murnane-O’Connor (Fianna Fail), Kathleen Funchion (Sinn Fein), Malcolm Noonan (Green Party) & Patrick O’Neill (Fine Gael) will fight it out for the 5th spot.

Prediction: Kathleen Funchion (Sinn Fein) will get the 5th seat.

Cavan / Monaghan (5 TD’s).

Matt Carthy (Sinn Fein), Heather Humphries (Fine Gael), Brendan Smith (Fianna Fail) & Niamh Smyth (Fianna Fáil) are the front runners here.

T.P. O’Reilly (Fine Gael), Pauline Tully (Sinn Fein) & Robbie Gallagher (Fianna Fail) will be trying their best to get the last seat.

Prediction: T.P O’Reilly (Fine Gael).

Clare (4 TD’s)

Timmy Dooley (Fianna Fail), Cathal Crowe (Fianna Fail) & Pat Breen (Fine Gael) will be elected.

Joe Carey (Fine Gael), Michael McNamara (Ind), Martin Conway (Fine Gael) & Roisin Garvey (Green Party) are the front runners for the 4th and final seat.

Prediction: Roll a dice.

Cork East (4 TD’s)

Kevin O’Keeffe (Fianna Fail), David Stanton (Fine Gael) & Sean Sherlock (Labour Party) should be elected in Cork East.

Pat Buckley (Sinn Fein), James O’Connor (Fianna Fail), Pa O’Driscoll (Fine Gael) & Mary Linehan-Foley (Independent) are all hoping to gain the fourth seat.

Prediction: Pat Buckley (Sinn Fein).

Cork North Central (4 TD’s)

Colm Burke (Fine Gael), Padraig O Sullivan (Fianna Fail) & Thomas Gould (Sinn Fein) will win a seat.

The final seat will be between Mick Barry (Solidarity), Tony Fitzgerald (Fianna Fail), John Maher (Labour Party), Oliver Moran (Green Party) & Kenneth O Flynn (Ind).

Prediction: This is one of the toughest to select. One to watch.

Cork North West (3 TD’s)

Michael Creed (Fine Gael), Aindrias Moynihan (Fianna Fail) & Michael Moynihan (Fianna Fail) shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

Prediction: John Paul O’Shea (Fine Gael) has a very slim chance.

Cork South-Central (4 TD’s)

Micheal Martin (Fianna Fail), Michael McGrath (Fianna Fail) & Simon Coveney (Fine Gael) are foregone conclusions.

The final seat should be between Donnchadh O’Laoghaire (Sinn Fein) & Lorna Bogue (Green Party).

Prediction: Lorna Bogue (Green Party).

Cork South-West (3 TD’s)

This is one of the most open constituencies, All five of Michael Collins (Independent), Christopher O Sullivan (Fianna Fail), Tim Lombard (Fine Gael), Margaret Murphy O’Mahony (Fianna Fail) & Karen Coakley (Fine Gael) have a pretty good chance.

Prediction: Michael Collins (Independent) & Christopher O’Sullivan (Fianna Fáil).

Donegal (5 TD’s)

Pearse Doherty (Sinn Fein), Charlie McConologue (Fianna Fail) & Joe McHugh (Fine Gael) will be elected in Donegal.

we’ll have a great contest here, it’ll be between Pat the Cope Gallagher (Fianna Fail), Thomas Pringle (IND), Padraig MacLochlainn (Sinn Fein), Peter Casey (Ind) & John O Donnell (Ind). I think Pat “The Cope” Gallagher can squeeze through.

Prediction: Pat “The Cope” Gallagher & Thomas Pringle.

Dublin Bay North (5 TD’s)

Sean Haughey (Fianna Fail), Richard Bruton (Fine Gael), Aodhan O’Riordain (Labour) & David Healy (Green Party) should be elected bar miracles.

The 5th and final seat will be between Denise Mitchell (Sinn Fein), Cian O Callaghan (Social Democrats), Catherine Noone (Fine Gael), Deirdre Heney (Fianna Fail)

Prediction: Denise Mitchell (Sinn Fein) could take this by a low margin but I wouldn’t play at 4-11.

Dublin Bay South (4 TD’s)

These three should become a T.D in the election: Eamonn Ryan (Green Party), Jim O Callaghan (Fianna Fail) & Eoghan Murphy (Fine Gael).

Kate O’Connell (Fine Gael), Kevin Humphries (Labour Party) & Chris Andrews (Sinn Fein) will go head to head for the final place.

Prediction: Kevin Humphries (Labour).

Dublin Central (4 TD’s)

Mary Lou McDonald (Sinn Fein), Paschal Donohoe (Fine Gael) & Mary Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fail) will be elected here bar accidents.

The fourth and final seat will see Neasa Hourigan (Green Party) go up against Garry Gannon (Social Democrats) and Neasa should do enough to get over the line.

Prediction: Neasa Hourigan (Greens).

Dublin Fingal (5 TD’s)

These three people will get over the line: Darragh O’Brien (Fianna Fáil), Joe O’Brien (Green Party) & Duncan Smith (Labour Party).

The fourth and fifth seat will see two from Louise O Reilly (Sinn Féin), Alan Farrell (Fine Gael), Lorraine Clifford-Lee (Fianna Fáil), James Reilly (Fine Gael) & Dean Mulligan (Ind) get elected.

Prediction: Alan Farrell (Fine Gael) & James Reilly (Fine Gael).

Dublin Mid-West (4 TD’s)

Eoin O’Broin (Sinn Fein) & John Curran (Fianna Fail) will get elected with plenty in hand.

The remaining seats will be between: Emer Higgins (Fine Gael), Mark Ward (Sinn Fein), Gino Kenny (SBP), Paul Gogarty (Independent) & Catriona McClean (Fianna Fail).

Prediction: Gino Kenny (SBP) & Paul Gogarty (Independent).

Dublin North-West (3 TD’s)

Roisin Shortall (Social Democrats) & Paul McAuliffe (Fianna Fail) will be the first two over the line.

Seat Three: Dessie Ellis (Sinn Fein) vs Noel Rock (Fine Gael), Dessie should do enough to get elected.
Prediction: Dessie Ellis (Sinn Fein).

Dublin Rathdown (3 TD’s)

It’ll be unbelievable if Catherine Martin (Green Party) doesn’t get in.

Four way contest between Josepha Madigan (Fine Gael), Shane Ross (Independent), Shay Brennan (Fianna Fail) & Neale Richmond (Fine Gael) for the second and final seat.

Prediction: Josepha Madigan (Fine Gael) & Neale Richmond (Fine Gael). I can see Fine Gael getting two TD’s here.

Dublin South-Central (4 TD’s)

Aengus O’Snodaigh (Sinn Fein) should get a seat.

This one will be very close and is basically a lottery between Catherine Ardagh (Fianna Fail), Patrick Costello (Green Party), Joan Collins (Independents 4 Change), Catherine Byrne (Fine Gael), Brid Smith (Solidarity Before Profit) & Rebecca Moynihan (Labour)

Prediction: Catherine Ardagh (Fianna Fáil) & Patrick Costello (Greens).

Dublin South-West (5 TD’s)

Sean Crowe (Sinn Fein), Colm Brophy (Fine Gael) & John Lahart (Fianna Fail) will be elected in this one.

Francis Noel Duffy (Green Party), Katherine Zappone (Ind), Paul Murphy (RISE), Ciaran Ahern (Labour Party), Charlie O’Connor (Fianna Fail), Deirdre O Donovan (Fianna Fail) & Ellen O’Malley Dunlop (Fine Gael) will go toe to toe for the remaining two seats.

Prediction: None for this really close constituency.

Dublin West (4 TD’s)

Leo Varadkar (Fine Gael) & Jack Chambers (Fianna Fail) will enjoy a nice wage packet for at least another few years after this election.

Roderic O’Gorman (Green Party), Ruth Coppinger (Solidarity Before Profit), Paul Donnelly (Sinn Fein), Joan Burton (Labour) & Emer Currie (Fine Gael) are the other runners & with only two seats left, it’s going to be a mouth watering showdown. 

Prediction: Roderic O’Gorman (Greens).

Dun Laoghaire (4 TD’s)

Richard Boyd Barrett (SBP), Ossian Smyth (Green Party) & Mary Mitchell O’Connor (Fine Gael) should get elected.

Cormac Devlin (Fianna Fail), Jennifer Carroll MacNeill (Fine Gael), Mary Hanafin (Fianna Fail) & Barry Ward (Fine Gael) will battle is out for the last seat but this could come down to only a few votes.

Prediction: This will be very close.

That’s the end of part one, part two will be completed next weekend.