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Joe Biden says his VP choice will be announced in the first week of August

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Purchase Tramadol Uk The big news in the Biden VP betting is that the presumptive nominee has said that he’ll reveal in the first week of August who is going to be on the ticket with him.

go to link The impact on the betting markets has been to see more money backed on Susan Rice who worked closely with Biden during the eight years of the Obama presidency. She’s the one contender for the slot who has no experience of being a candidate but it is said she and Biden were very. Whether you can interpret the announcement date news as being good for Rice is hard to say but she has been getting more and more write-ups in the US media.

click here One thing seems very likely – if Rice does not get the VP nomination she would surely look forward to a big role if as the polls suggest Biden succeeds Trump.

Mike Smithson

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Some assorted Presidential election betting markets

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 Paddy Power have some interesting markets on the Presidential election, first up is the 1/4 on Biden winning the popular vote by five million votes or more, which would be more impressive than the near three million votes Hillary Clinton bested Donald Trump with in 2016. My initial hunch is not to back this bet even though Ladbrokes are offering 1/7 on the Democratic Party candidate winning the popular vote by any margin (Betfair are offering close to 2/11 before commission on it happening). Not backing this bet isn’t a slight on Joe Biden campaigning skills and more down to the simple fact I fear voting supression chicanery from the Republican Party at all levels to make voting harder (especially for minorities and other Democratic Party inclined voters) which will impact the size of the popular vote victory.

Purchasing Tramadol We may also see a depressed turnout because of Covid-19 fears and second (and other) waves, so I’m sticking with the Democratic Party winning the popular vote, but not at the five million plus votes level.

Tramadol Cheap Cod As for the market on Donald Trump not be re-elected at 4/9, well over on Betfair you can lay Trump and/or the Republican Party in this election at around 15/8 which really makes your choice very easy.

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We could be just a week away from Biden’s VP pick and the betting’s getting tighter

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Best Way To Order Tramadol Online With Joe Biden totally dominating the next President polls the next big moment in WH2020 looks set to be the announcement of who is to be his running mate. Biden has already made it clear that it will be a woman and a lot of the betting is going on it being an African American.

Online Meds Tramadol The names seem to come and go and that’s reflected in the betting.

follow Rx Tramadol Online What is making this harder is that his campaign is giving lots of hints about who is being considered knowing that that in itself will be a great honour for the individuals concerned even if they don’t get it.

Tramadol Fedex Visa As soon as a new name is mentioned then up they move in the betting. The latest big movement has been on Los Angeles Congresswoman Karen Bass who is now third favourite.

Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping What has been fairly consistent in the past month has been the continuing betting support for the top two Harris and Rice. The latter is known to be very close to Biden after they both served the Obama administration at senior levels from 2009-2017.

enter The important consideration for Biden is that the choice does not become a negative for the campaign. The narrative is so much against Trump at the moment that his supporters will attack whoever’s chosen hoping it might impede the Biden bandwagon.

Mike Smithson

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The Betfair WH2020 next President Market is about to reach £50 million of bets matched and there are still more than three months till polling day

Friday, July 24th, 2020
See the total matched top right

What having a controversial figure in the White House does to the betting

go to link Above is a screenshot of the Betfair market on who will be next president. We’ve talked about the odds on this for well over a year but what is striking this afternoon is how close the total matched is to £50m. That we should get to that sort of total with more than 3 months to go until November 2nd is quite extraordinary and this will almost certainly be the biggest political betting event of all time. Just compare it with PB’s first White House race seven months after the site was launched in 2004. Then the total amount matched on Betfair was £30m+ and we thought that that was a lot of money.

Buying Tramadol For Pets What makes this battle really interesting to punters is that the incumbent, Mr. Trump has barely been out of the news since he was inaugurated on January 20 2017. His first term has seen one controversy after another and the headlines have come thick and fast. The big question is can he be beaten on November 2nd and now there’s speculation that he might try to remain there even if he loses. The US constitution imposes a two term limit and the general rule is the incumbents seeking re-election generally do it. The polls this time, however, have been pointing to a clear Biden victory and the national and key swing state polls have been bad news for Trump. But there’s a long time to go.

follow site On top of the main WH2020 next president market there’s a huge range of betting possibilities and expect more of them once Biden and Trump are confirmed as nominees next month. There are many other outlets for betting as well as Betfair but we don’t get the same detailed data.

Mike Smithson

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Joe Biden’s VP pick – the latest betting

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Punters make this a lot closer than it was

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Where will Parliament relocate to during the Westminster restoration?

Sunday, July 19th, 2020

follow site StarSports have a betting market up on where Parliament will decant to during the restoration of the Palace of Westminster, it is understandable why York is the favourite following reports and comments by the Prime Minister in recent days. I can see the attraction of why Parliamentarians would want to move to York, a wonderful city in the finest county in the United Kingdom, close to Yorkshire Dales, which undoubtedly was the site of the Garden of Eden. It also has fantastic and direct rail links with most of the major cities and towns in Great Britain which also makes appealing for so many of our MPs.

go to site However on a practicable basis I cannot see a move outside of London, not only would it require MPs and peers to move, as well as their advisers. The ministers who need to report to Parliament would need their retinue of SPADs and civil servants to move up North as well. Whilst I can see the attraction for the scrutiny dodging Boris Johnson having a large geographical distance between Parliament and the executive I can’t see Parliament going for it. I’m not sure if York has the infrastructure to deal with that for anything than a very short time frame. So I believe the value in this market is to take the 2/5 on Parliament to remain in London.

go to site click here TSE

Best Place Order Tramadol Online PS – If you want to know how brilliant York is, go stay at The Grand Hotel, which is a two minute walk from York railway station, you won’t regret it, I’ve spent many a happy memory there.

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Davey moves to a 65% chance on Betfair for the LD leadership

Friday, July 17th, 2020

Ed Davey, the only Lib Dem cabinet minister from the 2010-2015 coalition still to be be an MP, has now edged up to a 65% chance on the Betfair exchange on the election to choose the successor to Jo Swinson who, of course lost her to the SNP at GE2019.

Quite what this is based on is hard to say but Davey, currently joint acting leader, has been getting a bit more media attention than his opponent, Layla Moran. It was Davey’s question at this week’s PMQs that got Johnson to agree a formal enquiry into the handling of the pandemic.

The online hustings have already started and ballot packs go out in the next fortnight.

My reading is that Davey is being helped by the fact that he has been through all this before – just a year ago he slugged it out with Swinson.

On Betfair I’m all green on this market and I rate Layla’s chances as better than the 35% Betfair odds suggest.

Mike Smithson


Ex-US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, continues to be strong in the Dem VP betting with Harris still favourite

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

We could be less than three weeks away from a decision

My main political betting activity at the moment is on who Joe Biden is going to choose as his vice presidential nominee. He has to have this in place before the party’s rescheduled convention in middle August but there have been indications that we could know the name by the start of next month.

I should state that my record in betting on Vice presidential nominees has over the years been appalling and I have yet to back a winner going over many decades of elections. Where this one could be different is that Biden will be 78 on inauguration day if he does win and clearly the chances of whoever he chooses as being his VP nominee and going on to run for the presidency itself must be very high.

The favourite, Senator Kamala Harris of California, is the most well known and for a period last year was the betting favourite for the Presidential nomination. That was not to be and she pulled out before the primaries started.

Biden has said that he will choose a woman and given recent events there must be a high chance that he’ll go for someone with an African American background.

What has been noticeable in recent weeks is how much attention Obama’s former National Security Advisor and then Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, has been getting in the media. She’s a former Rhodes Scholar and so was educated at Oxford and to my mind is the most accomplished of those being named. She comes over very well.

What could be important is her personal link with Biden because they both worked closely together during the eight years of the Obama administration. I just think Joe will pick someone he’s familiar with.

Mike Smithson