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As Covid soars to new US peak YouGov polling suggests that Trump is being hurt most amongst those who feel worst affected

July 13th, 2020 New CBS polling in three big sunbelt states that now look to be highly competitive has found that the more voters are concerned about the virus the more they are likely to support Biden. The three states, Arizona, Florida and Texas have been amongst the worst hit in the resurgence of the pandemic and this is reflected in the polling. In the states Biden is now leading Trump by 6% in Florida, and with highly competitive races in Arizona and in Texas, where Biden is down by just 1% to Trump.


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follow url Biden has made gains in part because most say their state’s efforts to contain the virus are going badly — and the more concerned voters are about risks from the outbreak, the more likely they are to support Biden. go here This is helping Biden not only to post bigger gains with groups that already trend Democratic — like women and younger voters — but also to cut into Mr. Trump’s margins with seniors. Seniors who are very concerned about coronavirus back Biden in large numbers.

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Online Tramadol Mastercard But there are positives for Trump in the polling. Trump backers are far more enthusiastic about their man than Biden ones and the economy is for many the biggest issue and here Trump scores well.

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Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery A big hope for Trump must be that the threat of Covid will have receded sharply by November 2nd and for some of those concerned voters it will be less of an issue in deciding their choice.

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