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The Lincoln Project’s response to Trump’s pardon of convicted felon Roger Stone

July 12th, 2020

source There’s little doubt that Trump’s pardon of advisor, Roger Stone, only days before he was due to start a prison sentence is a huge moment in this election campaign.


Tramadol Buy Uk He’s not the first President to issue controversial pardons and many remember the final days of Bill Clinton’s terms. But this one really stands out and looks set to play a big part in the coming weeks in the efforts of those who want to stop him being re-elected.

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go site The Lincoln Project, as we have discussed before on PB, is putting out some powerful ads and is not pulling any punches. It is important to note that the backers of this are Republicans who simply have come to the end of the road with Trump.


Tramadol Online Prescription A key voting block in this coming election are college educated white women who went for Trump in 2016. Now they’ve switched sharply against him. My guess is that this kind of ad has them as a key target.


Mike Smithson

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