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WH2020 looks set to be the biggest political betting event of all time

July 3rd, 2020

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews With less than 4 months to go until the presidential election the signs are that this will be the biggest political betting event of all time. Probably because of the way that Trump is viewed with extremes on both sides this contest is getting more attention from punters than previous reces.


go to site So far on the Betfair exchange alone getting on for more than £90m has been matched. Heaven knows what this will be by November 2nd.

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go here The biggest market is, of course, Next President where at 1300 GMT today the total of matched bets was valued at £ go to link 42,511,877. No too far behind is the betting on the Democratic nomination where the current total is £ 33,012,743.

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source link Getting a lot of focus at the moment is the £1m+ market on who Biden will choose as his running mate.

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see url On top of that we have had at least £10m wagered in the Democratic Primary races and there are a wide range of more minor markets which are growing day by day. One that’s becoming increasingly popular is on the Republican nomination with quite a lot of punters wanting to gamble on Trump not making it.

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go to link This is just from the Betfair exchange where live totals for each market are available on line. On top of that we have the conventional bookies like Ladbrokes and William Hill as well as the spread betting firms which will have a wide range of markets by the time we get to polling day.

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Mike Smithson

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