With ten days to go before the July 4th lockdown easing the numbers continue to look good for the government

June 24th, 2020

The above Tweet comes out every afternoon and as can seen the numbers are very much down and the hope must be that they will be a lot smaller on July 4th when the first round of changes come in.

Note that the death total only refers to those who had been tested and proved positive. There is another group of people who died during the period without having previously been tested. The data for this segment tends to take longer to emerge and is based on the cause of death as recorded on the death certificate.

One thing is for sure and that is that the daily totals now are only a bare fraction of when things were at their peak in the first part of April.

The numbers game on this is high risk for Johnson because they are a daily reminder of how successful the government’s strategy has been. It might be unfair but on COVID19 this is the performance indicator for him and the lockdown bandit, Dom Cummings.

Mike Smithson