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More dreadful leader numbers for Boris: Starmer moves to a net plus 34 in latest YouGov Well/Badly ratings

June 10th, 2020

Us Tramadol Online Another set of leader ratings has Johnson trailing a long way behind Starmer. The LAB leader has a net score (badly % deducted from Well %) of plus 27%. In the same poll with the same calculation Johnson is minus 7%. So that means a 34% net lead for Starmer.


http://novimet.com/en/customer-references/ This is in line with other leader recent leader rating polling which asked different questions. The YouGov one here was its traditional “is X doing well/badly?”

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source url At the moment the Tories still have a lead, albeit much reduced, on voting intention. Unless the leadership numbers move then it should not be too long before we get the odd poll with the Tories behind – something that Tory MPs have not experienced for a very long time.


Mike Smithson

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