Starmer moves to a 35% net approval lead over Johnson while all three polls tonight have the voting gap getting very close

June 6th, 2020

And Boris only 1% clear as best PM

It has been a big night of polling with three new surveys all showing the Conservative lead over Labour getting narrower. The voting numbers are:

Opinium CON: 43% (-) LAB: 40% (+1) LD: 6% (-) SNP: 5% (-) GRN: 3% (-)

Survation, CON 41% (-4) LAB 39% (+5) LD 7% (-1) GRN 4% (-) SNP 4% (-) BXP 1% (+1)

Deltapoll CON 41% (-2) LAB 38% (-) LD 8% (-) OTH 13% (+2)

But worse than that for the Tories are the leader ratings. The chart shows the Opinium moves where Starmer is now a net 35% ahead. The pollster also had the Johnson best PM lead down to 1%.

My reading is that we are still seeing the impact of the Cummings lockdown road trip and Johnson’s firm backing. Also voters have been under the constraints of lockdown since March and tempers might be getting frayed.

I’ve not had time yet to examine the other findings the from Deltapoll and Survation.

Mike Smithson