Another pollster has Johnson dropping sharply in its leader ratings while Starmer takes a net lead

June 5th, 2020

Can Boris get back to where he was?

Ipsos-MORI, Britain’s oldest polling firm, has just produced its latest leader ratings and the trend is very similar to what we’ve seen from other pollsters. Johnson has taken a hit while Starmer has continued to rise.

Clearly the PM’s lack of action over the Cummings lockdown road trip affair continues to grate with voters. With Starmer there are fewer don’t knows which are splitting in favour or the new LAB leader.

This was the analysis for Keiran Pedley – former PB regular and now Ipsos MORI research director.

Boris Johnson’s favourability ratings continue to fall from their April peak, and it is noteworthy that more Britons are now unfavourable towards the Prime Minister than favourable. The data shows that Johnson is a polarising figure whilst Starmer continues to be a relative unknown – although that is changing. Labour will be encouraged that Starmer’s ratings continue to be net positive as he becomes better known and that Labour is no longer looked upon less favourably by the public than the Conservatives. However, with Labour yet to lead the Conservatives in voting intention polls it is still a long way back to power for the party

A big question is whether voters will be less influenced by the Cummings Durham trip as it becomes a more distant memory.

Mike Smithson