New YouGov polling finds Moggsy’s MP voting plan has gone down like a lead balloon with voters, even Tory ones

June 4th, 2020

Even GE2019 CON voters overwhelmingly opposed

There are so many things going on at the moment that the Rees-Mogg move to end distant voting by MPs didn’t get much attention apart from the pictures of the queuing arrangements.

Quite why the government backed the measure is even more questionable now we’ve got some YouGov polling on what voters think. As can be seen above just 17% of Tory voters gave it their backing.

It is issues like this when politicians launch moves that are so out of kilter with what voters think that can be extraordinarily damaging. Even the PM failed to defend it at PMQs yesterday.

The idea that MP “shielders” should be disenfranchised was crazy and very hard to explain. For Moggsy a mistake.

Mike Smithson