With the troubles continuing to sweep across the US Biden takes a clear lead in the WH2020 betting

June 2nd, 2020

These are very troubling times in the United States with the protests and demonstrations sparked off by the murder by police of a black man in Minneapolis taking place every evening in cities and towns right across the country.

This comes during a period when the Covid-19 pandemic control measures are still in place across the US and we are only a few months away from November’s presidential election when Donald Trump hopes to get reelected.

There’s a widespread view amongst many commentators and others that the President’s Tweets and explosive statements are not helping the situation. By contrast Joe Biden’s approach appears more measured and the polling suggests that he is getting the political benefit of the growing negative view of the incumbent. One poll at the weekend had Trump 10% behind Biden and inevitably this is reflected in the betting.

There is still a long way to go and we are two and half months off the party conventions when the Republicans and the Democrats formally nominate their candidates.

Remember that for Trump to win in November he has to carry more than just his base and has to be able to appeal to the growing centre ground of independent voters. It is this segment that is moving most against the incumbent

Mike Smithson