However you view these poll numbers it doesn’t look good for Cummings or the PM

June 1st, 2020

The above chart is based on the data from yesterday’s Opinium poll for the Observer and seeks to break down in visual form how different segments are viewing what Cummings did at the height of the lockdown.

As can be seen the government’s argument that this was justified is not being received well across the key segments there. Even GE2019 CON voters have failed, admittedly by a small margin, to give it their blessing.

The split I find most striking is the gender one. Women are significantly more likely that men to be opposed. That’s not a good place for Johnson’s government to be.

This polling is also a riposte to those leavers who have been arguing on PB this is all about remainers opposed to leaving the EU wanting to get their own back on Cummings. As can be seen from the chart Leave voters split 60% to 35% against Cummings’ action while Remainers went 76-18.

The other interesting thing about the Cummings road trip polling is that there has been no real movement in the public view since it was revealed.

Mike Smithson