New polling on Cummings finds 62% still saying it’s important

May 27th, 2020

Tory voters split 49-49

Inevitably when a development is so party political you would expect polling responses to follow a partisan divide. The above table from tonight’s YouGov suggests that is still the case with Cummings and the lockdown but not quite at the scale you would expect.

Just half of all Tories in today’s polling are saying it is important which is one reason why this isn’t going to go away.

Meanwhile Johnson was grilled for two hours by MPs this afternoon and still refused to apologise or accept that his key aide did anything wrong. I’m not sure that his approach is the best for him politically because the fury out there hasn’t died down and this will be remembered.

The polling numbers I am waiting for are the Opinium approval ratings for Johnson which should be out on Saturday evening.

In the meantime this continues to go well for Starmer.

Mike Smithson