Chancellor Sunak’s looking strong in the polling – HomeSec Patel a liability

May 19th, 2020

Just over five months after GE2019 – how Johnson and his top team are being rated

The chart above is based on the latest favourably polling by YouGov a series that I had a hand in creating a few years back.

Of all the leader rating formats the one I like the best is on favourability. I think its simple directness gives a better view than leader satisfaction or approval. After all I’m sure many Tory backers at GE2019 if they’d thought about it would have been satisfied with the way Corbyn was then leading Labour!

The latest findings are in the chart above. The man who was tipped here in November for next PM when he was 200/1, Chancellor Sunak, is riding high and Johnson remains in positive territory.

Hancock and Raab who’ve been getting a lot of coverage are just short of level. The one who appears to be in a lot of trouble is HomeSec Patel. Those are seriously bad figures and I wonder whether she’ll survive the next re-shuffle.

Even GE2019 Tory voters in the poll struggled to be positive about Patel. Just 43% said they viewed her favourably with 40% saying they didn’t.

Full details from the poll here.

Mike Smithson