So far Boris’s leader ratings are holding up well – but that could start to change

May 15th, 2020
Boris Johnson’s leader ratings Wikipedia

The Wikipedia chart above shows all the leader ratings for the Prime Minister since the start of the year. As can be seen he has been doing pretty well during the pandemic with some very impressive figures. He’s had big positives throughout.

The latest polling though, is all bit old and there has been nothing yet since Boris’s much hyped big address to the nation last Sunday evening. Things have been harder for him in the past few days. Whether this actually communicates itself to the country as a whole we will have to see.

In a month or two we will be moving on from pandemic politics to post-pandemic politics with all the challenges that that will bring. It will be interesting to see how that starts to change the way that the public are viewing the prime minister and of course the new leader of the opposition Keir Starmer.

There has been a tendency in the past during great challenges for the public to get behind whoever the leader is. The question is how long that lasts and whether there will be a bounce or a dip in the following period.

Mike Smithson