If this trend goes on Johnson’s CON government will soon have a net negative approval rating

May 12th, 2020

Ministers struggling to maintain public support

The above chart is based on the weekly YouGov polling in which those sampled are asked to state whether they approve or disapprove of the government. As can be seen at the start of the lockout there was considerable backing for what Johnson had done and the policies that were being pursued. This has now moved from a net 26% to 7% in the latest survey in seven weeks.

It looks as though that the confidence that the bulk of the public had, up including those who didn’t go CON at the last election, has been receding and is now heading to even and perhaps even below.

This can be put down to to a number of highly publicised issues such as the lack of PPE equipment for NHS staff , the difficulties ramping up the level of testing and the emerging details of a massive death toll amongst those in care homes.

But it has to be said that in spite of everything Johnson and his team are still there are in positive territory.

The Tories continue to have large voting intention leads.

Mike Smithson