The Boris fan club sticks with their man but other national papers are more critical

May 11th, 2020

As can be seen there is quite a divide between how the papers are reporting the TV address by the PM last night. The loyalists try to take the best view for Johnson while others point to the contradictions and difficulties.

We’ll get a better idea after this goes to the Commons this afternoon when this will be presented to MPs. The Keir Starmer reaction is going to be key and certainly there are some obvious issues.

I thought it was a mistake for Johnson to suggest that people returned to work today even though employers have an enormous number of issues to deal with and how are those who rely on public transport are going to get there. This was ill thought out by Johnson and something that could have been addressed instantly if there was had been questions afterwards. But the statement was recorded and his minders are very wary about allowing him to be cross-examined. Boris isn’t good when he’s scrutinised.

In the last three weeks Starmer has moved from a 23% chance on Betfair to be next PM to a 36% one.

Mike Smithson

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