YouGov finds little evidence of people wanting to ease the lockdown

April 24th, 2020
YouGov Apr 21/22

So far at least, if the polling above has this right, there is no real desire amongst the public in the UK to ease some of the lockdown restrictions. Every suggestion of things being eased in the poll found the majority of respondents wanting things to stay as they are.

This suggests that there’s a broad acceptance of the reasons why this is having to be done and there’s no indication there there will be any change in the immediate future.

We haven’t see anything like what’s happened in the US of demonstrations against the restrictions where it has become a much more political issue.

One thing that’s helping the stability in the UK is that we are four years away from a likely general election. In the US WH2020 takes place in the first week in November.

Given how few things there are to bet on at the moment I was expecting betting markets on the timescale of the shutdown.

Mike Smithson