Biden moves to a 92% chance on Betfair following the Sanders pull-out & Harris remains VP favourite

April 8th, 2020

Following last night’s Wisconsin primary the big WH2020 news today has been the widely expected withdrawal from the race by Bernie Sanders. This means that Biden now has a clear run into to what would have been the convention in three and a half months.

That clearly remains very much in doubt because of the epidemic and the party will be looking at other ways of staging the convention which would give the nominee a big publicity boost.

One feature of the Sanders pull-out is that not all his supporters will now back Biden and one poll today had 13% of them supporting Trump. CNN is reporting that there have been a number of conversations between Sanders and Obama and it might be that the ex-President has played a big part in persuading Sanders to make his decision.

This is a better situation though than with Hillary at WH2016 when the Sanders campaign continued right to the convention. There is still a lot of blame being attached to Sanders for his action four years ago being a major help to Trump.

The main betting interest is now on the VP.

Mike Smithson