Today sees the worst set of front pages for the government since the crisis began

April 2nd, 2020

Ministers will get hammered while there’s a shortfall in testing

After a period when the government has been generally getting positive media coverage for its fight against the coronavirus all has changed this morning as can be seen.

The biggest issue is the amount of testing going on even for NHS staff and others on the front-line. This is far short of expectations of what we had been led to expect.

When the Mail and the Mirror are both attacking on the same issue then any government has problems. The country is being asked to take extraordinary steps to curb the spread of the disease and the least voters are looking for is a government appears to be effective.

It is not helped by both PM Johnson and HealthSec Hancock being out of the picture because they have contracted the virus. This is exacerbated by previous statements about the likely level of testing which aren’t being reached.

This comes on the day that voting in Labour’s interminable leadership contest comes to an end and we are now just a couple of sleeps away from Starmer becoming the Opposition Leader.

Mike Smithson