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COVID-19: With Boris back some of this afternoon’s developments

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New COVID19 polling finds two thirds of Brits saying that the government acted too late

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

But fewer are concerned about the individual threat

source link Whenever this is all over, and who can predict that, it is clear that the events of the past three months and the actions of ministers are set to have a big impact on domestic politics. Pollster Ipsos-MORI has been asking tracker questions and we can see from the two charts above how things have moved.

go here source site The worrying one for Team Boris is the growing percentage who think that action was taken too late – something that is currently reinforced by the death toll position for the UK.

go I’m far from convinced about the data in the UK and elsewhere but it does seem at the moment that this country has fared badly. Fortunately for the government there are no imminent elections. The ones that were due to take place a week today have rightly been put back until next year. The next general election is not scheduled to happen before 2024.

Tramadol Cheapest Before then, hopefully, the pandemic will be over but the economic impact is going to take years to shake itself out and here the “did the government act to late” issue could be a constant irritant.

go here My reading of Starmer is that he’s playing for long-term and the “late to act” charge looks like a powerful ace to be played at the right time.

Mike Smithson

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What’s the effect being two metres is having on us all?

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Social distancing – the price

Tramadol Overnight Paypal There were some interesting posts on the overnight thread which perhaps should be given a wider audience. This from Cyclefree is one of the best and is on the impact of the the metres apart regime that all of us are having to handle.

  • No hugs, no kissing. No intimacy.
  • No quiet conversations or simply being close to someone.
  • No choirs, no theatres, no concerts or gigs, no dancing, no visits to the cinema.
  • No walks with friends, no group or communal activities of any kind.
  • No meals or drinks out, no inviting friends, old and new, round, no parties – whether planned or impromptu, no family gatherings or celebrations.
  • No holding my best friend’s newborn child, no christenings or weddings or even proper funeral services.
  • No religious services – and if you have faith these do provide comfort.
  • No sport, no trips out to museums, galleries, historic or architectural sites.
  • No exploration of this country – or others.
  • No public lectures or talks or debates.
  • No evening classes or learning with others.
  • No chance of meeting someone new.
  • No personal beauty or therapy services.
  • No learning a musical instrument with a teacher present.
  • No more dramas or films being made – not with real life human actors.
  • No getting on a train for a long cross or inter-country journey, staring out the window and wondering who’ll you meet. No getting on a boat sailing somewhere and seeing where it takes you.
  • No possibility of serendipity. Just confinement in front of a screen. And when we’ve watched every cat video on YouTube what then? Life at a distance mediated by a screen or telephone is not real. It may be your sort of life. It’s not mine and I don’t think it’s my children’s either. If I wanted to live like Sister Wendy Beckett by myself in a caravan in the woods seeing no-one (and even she got out occasionally) or a Hannah Hauxwell on a remote cold Yorkshire farm, I’d have bloody chosen to do so. But I didn’t and don’t and I miss all these things. Above all I miss the possibility of deciding for myself what I want to do. I feel my horizons shrinking but my mind is not. I feel the gap between the possibilities which opened up and which now have closed.

Mike Smithson

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Another evening and another PB NightHawks cafe

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

source A strange day with differing developments. The thing that sriked me as most important has been what has happened in Germany – the European country that seemed to be doing best.

go to site I get a sense of greater restlessness.

Mike Smithson

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The Pandemic – some of this afternoon’s developments

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Biden still trails in the WH2020 betting in spite of opening double digit poll leads over Trump

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 By far the biggest development so far in WH2020 has been Trump’s comment a few days ago that people could inject themselves with bleach to fight the the coronavirus. This has been widely ridiculed and there have been reports from many parts of the US of people actually ingesting bleach and other such liquids and having to be treated by the emergency services.

Of all the crazy things that this President has said so far during the campaign this is been ranked as the craziest and it is been suggested that it could have a decisive effect on the outcome in November. It is so blindingly obvious that his advice was bonkers that it has reinforced all sorts of doubts about him even at Fox News. The extraordinary is that over the past two months of the pandemic Joe Biden has found it very hard commanding any media attention whatsoever. He has got nothing really to say about the pandemic and has largely ignored. In spite, or maybe because of this, the latest polls have him enjoying double-digit leads over Trump.

It is being suggested that the best strategy for 77 year old Joe between now and November is to lay low and let the election be all about Trump and all that entails. The worst thing that could happen is for Biden himself to become an issue and there are a number of reasons why that could be the case.

The former VP should formally get the nomination at the the party convention in Milwaukee in August. There’s still a lot of doubt about whether that will actually take place but clearly the party has got to decide on its choice that that could happen at a virtual convention.

Generally speaking presumptive nominees like Biden don’t announce their vice presidential choice until just before the convention and I don’t see any reason why there’ll be something different this time. The betting favourite for this is still Kamala Harris though Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren have fairly tight odds.

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Behind all the terrible COVID-19 statistics a story of two women that really touched me

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Order Tramadol Online Prescription The above was painted by my daughter-in-law, Lucille Smithson, who is a professional portrait painter based in Los Angeles and is producing a number of works relating to the coronavirus pandemic. This is what she wrote about this painting:

source url

click This is Nicola and Gwen. Nicola is an advanced nurse practitioner on a #covid-19 ward in Edinburgh. Gwen who is her grandmother, tragically passed away on the same ward last month from coronavirus. Yvonne, Nicola’s mother, reached out to me here and asked me to paint her daughter and told me that Nicola was stoic about having to continue work on the ward maintaining that being where she is needed helping others in the same situation is what her grandmother would have wanted. I decided to paint both women as a way of honouring them for their family and thanking Nicola for the work she is doing for her country.

Mike Smithson

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Great polling numbers for those who got on the PB 250/1 Sunak for next PM bet

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020
From the Times whose regular pollster is YouGov Back in November PBer Philip Thompson had a great guest slot here in which he suggested that the 200/1 then being offered by Ladbrokes was was great value bet. It came during the GE2019 campaign shortly after Rishi Sunak had been chosen by Johnson to act as the Tory rep on one of the set piece debates. The bet in fact was better than that. Ladbrokes was offering an odds boost which made this a 250/1 shot not a 200/1 one. I got my £20 on at 250/1 and would come out with £5k if this in fact comes good.

Tramadol Online Overnight Then Sunak was Chief Secretary to the Treasury but two and a half months later got promoted to the Chancellorship after Sajid refused to accept that Dom Cummings should choose his spads. Since then his profile has risen and risen and he’s seen to be the one finding the money for many of those who are losing financially from the lockdown. He’s also been one of the cabinet ministers who have been taking the government’s regular briefing on the crisis.

Order Tramadol Online Usa see Whether Sunak maintains his popularity after the lockdown is over and he has to bring in new taxes to fund the huge commitments that the crisis has forced on the government remains to be seen. Ladbrokes have another Sunak bet that looks like value – 3/1 that he’ll become PM before 2050. The cabinet minister to come out worst in the poll is Priti Patel who has struggled on from one verbal mishap to another since becoming HomeSec. Her ability to announce things wrong getting number mixed up has become another of the features of the lockdown briefings. These are yet to be as bad as her attack on “counter-terrorism” something she appeared to be confusing with “terrorism” last month.

Mike Smithson

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