Biden trailing badly in terms of the enthusiasm of his backers

March 29th, 2020

These are worse numbers than Hillary was getting at WH2016

This is a good polling question and one that I attach importance to – just how enthusiastic are your backers. This, surely is something that will show when it comes to election day and how many of your backers will actually be bothered to turn out. The comparison with Trump supporters is striking.

What should worry the Democratic establishment is that when a similar question was asked of party supporters four years ago Hillary Clinton was getting a 32% “very enthusiastic” rating.

I have always been doubtful about Biden as the nominee. He’s 77 years old and his age is very apparent in his public appearances. He’s also very gaffe-prone and even though he’s in a strong position after the first round of primaries you could see either something happening on the health front or him coming under incredible pressure from senior figures in the party to stand aside.

If he does go through to become the nominee then he’s going to need a powerful figure as his VP pick and someone who could take a greater than usual role in the campaign.

Mike Smithson