WH2020: New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, moves to 3rd favourite in the Dem nomination betting

March 26th, 2020

With the coronavirus epidemic dominating the headlines almost right across the world a new name has appeared in the top three on the Betfair WH2020 Dem nomination market. He’s Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York which has the worst figures of any state in the US .

Everyday in the US, usually at 1115 EST, Cuomo gives his daily report and observations on the continuing crisis which threatens the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Even though he is totally concerned with his own state millions are turning to this each day rather than Trump’s White House briefings for the latest analysis and detail.

His tough no nonsense approach contrasts sharply with the White House which has talked optimistically of things getting better after by Easter. Cuomo’s sessions also appear far better and informative than the Boris Johnson daily briefings.

One name that is almost totally absent at the moment in the US is the Dem nomination front-runner, 77 year old Joe Biden who is struggling to find something relevant to say. In media coverage terms the main opposition to the White House is seen as Cuomo.

This has inevitably led to speculation that he might be a possible for the nomination. Quite how that would come about is hard to say but if things continue as then Biden could come under pressure.

Last week I reported here that I’d had 180/1 bet on Cuomo. That is starting to look very good.

Mike Smithson