WH2020: Governor Cuomo of New York being talked up for the nomination even at this late stage?

March 22nd, 2020 Within the last hour I got an email from someone whose judgement on US politics that I trust raising the possibility of Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, being the Democratic nominee. He wrote:

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´╗┐Purchase Tramadol CodLots of money going on Cuomo for Democrat nominee today. Lots of chatter on Twitter lots of blog posts… people believe the senile Biden will be swapped out at the DNC in some kind of brokered convention or voluntary stand-aside, for Cuomo, the current media star of virus press conferences. Also similar movements taking place on Cuomo being VP pick, or the actual next president, three categories are seeing Cuomo activity.

Order Tramadol From India This has been driven by the respective responses to the coronavirus by Cuemo and Trump with the former leading the state that has seen far more cases than anywhere else in the US and where he has ordered very strong measures. Like Trump Cuemo is holding daily media updates and the styles of the two men could not be more different with the Governor seen to be the one handling this in the most convincing way.

go to site But is it realistic at this stage for him to emerge as the nominee when it looks as if it has been wrapped up for Biden? I don’t know but the global crisis has the potential to change many things.


enter I’ve just put a few pounds at 180/1 on Cuemo for the nomination.

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