Trump’s Republicans move drop below a 50% betting chance for WH2020

March 13th, 2020
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This looks as though it was driven Trump’s initial reaction to the coronavirus

There’s little doubt that Donald Trump is not having a good coronavirus crisis. His initial dismissal of this this being not much more than a commons cold hardly said a lot for his judgement in the early days.

He wasn’t helped by several of his right-wing backers declaring that that this had been got up by the Democrats to wound Trump ahead of November’s election.

After a period in which Trump’s approval ratings seemed to be getting better the last few weeks have seen a reversal according to the RCP Average. There’s a historical correlation between US approval ratings and electoral success.

Another factor that has harmed him has been his decision to try to control the government information that is issued on the scale of what is happening gives the impression that he’s more concerned about his own position than the nation as a whole.

On the other WH2020 who will win in November market Trump has dropped from a 61% betting chance to a 47% one.

Mike Smithson