Sanders trailing by 22% in Michigan – a state where he beat Hillary at WH2016

March 9th, 2020

Ahead of tomorrow’s Michigan primary two new polls have Bernie struggling to repeat his WH2016 performance where he just edged it over Hillary.

A  Detroit Free Press/EPIC-MRA poll finds Biden leading Sanders in the primary by 24-points, 51% to 27%. An earlier CNN poll also has Biden with a 20%+ lead

Back in 2016 Bernie’s victory by a small margin over Hillary in the state was in retrospect a huge indication that things weren’t going well for the Clinton campaign

Michigan is very important in the presidential election because it was one of the states that Trump picked up by a minuscule margin, 0.3%, in 2016. This is a must win back state for the Democrats if they are to have any chance of unseating Donald Trump.

Mike Smithson