For election junkies a great new resource from the House of Commons Library

February 28th, 2020

One hundred years of UK elections

I suspect many PBers are like me always wanting to check details of past elections usually in order to make a point about a current situation. Well there is a great downloadable resource just out from the Commons library which has data on UK elections going back a whole century and presenting it in an attractive way.

This 96 page document is available free from here and I am sure that many of those who come to PB regularly will find it interesting. This is a definitive reference source enhanced by its many excellent charts and tables,

I find I’m generally pretty good with a reasonably good idea of what’s happened over the past half century but even with this it is good to have the real data available.

The Commons Library produces excellent briefing papers after each election and there’s a good list at the back with links to all of them.

Mike Smithson