In the South Carolina betting Bernie moves from a 57.5% chance to a 14% one in less than 5 days

February 27th, 2020

Biden looks set to be heading for victory in the state that was his firewall

With the South Carolina primary taking place on Saturday there have been three new polls today all of them showing ex-VP Joe Biden with a clear lead. One poll has him 20% ahead of Bernie Sanders, another one 16% while a final one has the gap just at 4%

Whatever there is no good poll for Sanders and and the signs are that the state Joe Biden said was his firewall will actually end up as that.

A big question is how this will look as we head for Super Tuesday on March 3rd when about 34% of all the delegates are at stake. Will failing to win South Carolina take the edge off Bernie?

We are also still waiting for news of the Iowa recount where Buttigieg was ahead on delegates and Sanders ahead on votes. That surely will come this week given the caucuses were nearly a month ago.

Mike Smithson