Yet another Dem TV Debate and this time Bernie’s expected to be in the firing line

February 25th, 2020

Ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary we have yet another TV debate between the main contenders. This takes place in Charleston and will start at 1am GMT lasting two hours.

As discussed in a previous thread today the expectation is that the front runner in the race, Bernie Sanders, will be the one who will will be most under attack because so far he has escaped the debates unscathed and there have always been other contenders who looked most vulnerable.

In anticipation the campaigns have been digging deep to find things from Bernie’s past that might be embarrassing. This is what you can expect of a front-runner and we don’t know he’ll handle being attacked from all sides.

Politicalwire is reporting that: “Timothy O’Brien, a senior advisor on the Bloomberg campaign told CNN that Bernie Sanders has “all this loopy stuff in his background. Saying things like you know, women get cancer from getting too many orgasms or toddlers should run around naked and touch each others genitals.”

There’s an expectation that tonight could impact on his betting price for the nomination and in anticipation he has slipped from a 53% chance on Betfair to just on 50%.

Having had too many late nights because the election my plan is to go to bed and catch up in the morning.

Mike Smithson