Get ready for Bernie to feel the heat over threatening Obama’s re-election at WH2012

February 25th, 2020

The issue his opponents hope will impede his bandwagon.

So for in this fight for the Democratic nomination the current front manner, Bernie Sanders has escaped being the one the other candidates most like to attack. Last week in the pre-Nevada debate it was Michael Bloomberg who came under fire for his apparent attempts to use his billions to, as was described, buy the election.

Now with Bernie taking a clear lead in the delegate count and looking as though the momentum is with him as we go into Super Tuesday a week today he looks to be the one who’ll be on the defensive in tonight’s debate. The above video ad, which has been produced overnight by the Biden campaign, shows the line of attack they are going to make against him in the next state to decide, South Carolina, where most democratic voters are African Americans.

This is going to be a difficult one for Sanders to deal with and raises questions about his commitment to the Democratic party and one of its great heroes, Obama. No doubt in tonight’s debate the other contenders will pile in alongside Biden in trying to undermine Sanders.

Will it work? Who knows but this has been an issue that has been known about for some time and that it was going to be raised was inevitable. How 78 year old Bernie handles it could be critical. Currently, in the betting, Sanders is odds on favourite to take the nomination and is running close with Joe Biden to win South Carolina.

Mike Smithson