Sunak moves to the top Tory in the next PM betting

February 13th, 2020

But Starmer is the clear favourite

After today’s reshuffle the main betting movement has been on the next PM betting where the new Chancellor Sunak has replaced Javid as the top Tory.

Javid, who is no longer a cabinet minister is now out to 30 with Gove being the second highest Tory. Interestingly the occupants of the main offices of state, Patel and Raab, are much further behind.

In this market, of course, we should expect the Labour leader to have the tightest odds because there is a clear pathway – a general election. In the last parliament Corbyn was the favourite for most of the time. The Tory possibles require to win a leadership election and who knows how things are going to look when Johnson finally goes.

Mike Smithson