Bloomberg moves upwards in the WH2020 Dem nomination betting

February 13th, 2020

The big development continues to be the growing betting support for multi-billionaire and former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who is self funding his campaign to win the nomination and to beat Trump.

He’s built up an organisation that totally dwarfs what the remaining contenders have been able to mount and is spending huge amounts particularly in the March 3rd “Super Tuesday” states that include California and Texas. One report says Bloomberg is spending $1m a day just on Facebook alone.

What his final objective is we don’t know and we have yet to be able to assess the charge, made forcibly last night by Bernie Sanders, that he’s effectively seeking to buy the nomination. We’ll have a much clearer picture on March 4th.

The other factor is that nobody has ever succeeded by passing the early states to decide. Punters think he’s in with a good shout

Mike Smithson