The seemingly endless LAB leadership race trudges on and there’s been nothing to shift Starmer

January 30th, 2020
From Betdata.io

This contest is going on far too long

We are now 2 months and one week away from the special labour conference when the new leader will be announced. This will follow, of course, the membership ballot which won’t go out for weeks and won’t be counted until early April.

This evening a total of 40 different constituency LAB parties have been meeting and results have been coming in. They haven’t been aggregated yet and we don’t have a total for the night. From Twitter it does look as though Starmer’s huge lead over RLB is being retained.

What I find inexplicable is so that long has been allowed for this contest to happen. The amount of time allocated to the nomination phase seems ridiculous as does the length of time for the postal ballots to be returned and counted. It really shouldn’t take that long even if the party has half a million members.

Politically, I’d argue, it was wrong of the Labour NEC to allow Corbyn to carry on when clearly he is a total lame duck and the shorter the contest would have produced a new opposition leader much sooner and been able to hold Johnson more to account during this very big period in UK politics.

Mike Smithson