Bernie and Buttigieg the main betting gainers following the overnight Iowa debate

January 15th, 2020
Betfair market from Betdata.io

The debate is over and the general verdict is that none of the contenders had a standout performance. The Betfair market shows Buttigieg getting the biggest uplift and squeezing past Biden. What was interesting is that those who’ve seen all the debates seemed to be taking a different view than those just new to this one. The view of Buttigieg was that he was just like he has been seen before. Newcomers to watching the debates seemed more impressed This took place in Iowa where on February 3rd we have the caucuses and my guess is that for many likely participants would have been watching a WH2020 debate for the first time even though they started last June.

Looking forward to the night so much is dependent on the ground games of the leading contenders and Buttigieg’s team will be pitching their man as the one best able to stop Bernie.

Mike Smithson