The other billionaire WH2020 hopeful spends some money and gets some good early state polling numbers

January 10th, 2020

In political campaigns cash can make a huge difference

So far I don’t think there has been a mention at all on PB of Tom Steyer even though he is still very much in the race for the Democratic nomination and is one of the select few who are still qualifying to take part in the TV debates.

His approach throughout is to build up awareness by spending big first to reach the polling thresholds to take part in the TV debates and now to make an impact in the primary race

Unlike Bloomberg who has ignored the debates, Steyer is putting a lot of cash into buying TV ads in the four states that hold their primaries and caucuses in February and the signs are that this is having an impact.

New polling from Fox news has Steyer in second place in South Carolina with 15% and tied for third with 12% in Nevada. These are good numbers and contrast sharply with his national shares of 1-2%

Clearly good results next month will provide a platform for March 3rd – Super Tuesday when more than a dozen states, including California and Texas are holding their primaries.

On Betfair Steyer is 100+ for the nomination.

Mike Smithson

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