It looks as though Big Bold Boris could skip the Andrew Neil interview

November 27th, 2019

If so could this be like TMay skipping the GE17 debates

This hasn’t been confirmed yet but there appears to be a possibility that Johnson might not agree to do an Andrew Neil interview like the one that Nicola Sturgeon and Corbyn have already gone through.

Adam Boulton’s Tweet sums this up – that the risk of being called a chicken is less than what might happen if he went ahead.

This is a high risk strategy as we saw at GE2017 when TMay refused to take part in the TV leaders’ debates. As post-election polling suggested this was a big negative for the then PM who went on to lose the Tories heir Commons majority.

This comes on a big night as we wait for the first YouGov MRP poll with its detailed projections for individual seats.

Mike Smithson