The battle to succeed Corbyn could soon be upon us and Long-Bailey retains her favourite position in the betting

November 8th, 2019

This is a betting market that we have hardly paid any attention to because Corbyn has appeared so secure. Well he’s indicated that if LAB loses the election then he will step down so the chances are that the fight could start before Christmas.

Corbyn has been there from September 2015 and has faced three PMs.

We know that leading figures in the party have stated that the next LAB leader should be woman and as can be seen all but two of the top group in the betting are female.

Ar one stage Thornberry appeared to be the likely successor but she appears to have slipped from favour. Long-Bailey has retained her position in the betting for months but what that means in practice is hard to say.

A lot could depend on how contenders are judged to have performed in the general election campaign and it could be that other figures could emerge.

  • The Betdata.io chart above is based on the Betfair Exchange market.
  • Mike Smithson