Warren on the slide in WH2020 nomination betting after negative response to her healthcare funding plan

November 2nd, 2019

There’ve been big movements in the betting in the fight for the Democratic nomination with one-time favourite, Beto O’Rourke, now pulling himself out of the race and the current favourite Elizabeth Warren seeing a dramatic slide in her betting position.

At the last TV debate she had been challenged forcefully by Mayor Pete to explain how she would fund her ambitious healthcare plan without putting up taxes for the middle classes. That led to her this week giving details which have gone down like a lead balloon. She looks nothing like the certainty that she appeared only a few weeks ago.

O’Rourke had been struggling for months following the early period of the campaign when he was the favourite to take on Trump next November. His polling has declined and declined and his TV debate performances had been lacklustre. He’d also struggled with fundraising.

Another former betting favourite, Kamala Harris, is also apparently in the trouble after closing down most of her operation in New Hampshire which is the second state to decide. Clearly she’s having problems fundraising to sustain the financial demands that is required.

Sanders and Mayor Pete continue to progress as Iowa battle takes on a new intensity. Previous nomination battles suggest that who wins in the state gets an enormous boost and these two together with Biden and Warren are really the only ones now capable of winning.

  • Chart of Betfair market from betdata.io.
  • Mike Smithson