How each Westminster seat voted at the May 2019 Euros

November 1st, 2019

A much better way of looking at each constituency

The chart above is based on projections from Prof Chris Hanretty of Royal Holloway on how each Westminster constituency in the Euro elections on May23rd – the most recent election when the whole nation voted.

I like to take the aggregate of LD/GRN/CHUK/PC to get a sense of the remain vote in a seat. Likewise taking CON+BREX gives you a sense of the leave side of the equation. The LAB vote splits differently in different parts of the country but it is almost certainly more remain than leave everywhere.

For the sake of simplicity in terms of presentation I’ve not included a column the SNP in the table. My assumption is that just about all the Scottish seats are pro remain with a sizeable SNP vote.

The spreadsheet is downloadable here

Mike Smithson