A CON majority drops out of the GE2019 betting favourite slot following Farage’s campaign threat

November 1st, 2019

Ever since a 2019 general election became a certainty punters made a CON majority the favourite outcome touching nearly a 60% chance on the Betfair according to the betdata.io chart.

That’s all changed following Farage announcement that his Brexit Party will fight a full range of seats thus possibly splitting the leave vote unless Johnson is ready to form a leave alliance.

Looking at the official election timetable the last point at which Farage has got to decide is 4pm on Thursday December 14th which is the strict closure of nominations.

The real problem Farage has got is that the person who has the most influence on Johnson is DCummings who has a history of arguments with the former UKIP leader and its hard to see any accommodation being made.

The question then would be whether Farage, if his approach is rebuffed, has the bottle to go forward with his threat to field a full slate of candidates with the risk that Brexit itself could be at risk.

It would be ironic if differing views over what Brexit should be is what keeps the UK in the EU.

Mike Smithson