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On the Betfair Exchange punters don’t think that MPs will vote for a December election on Monday

October 24th, 2019

enter Order Tramadol Florida Chart Judging by the reaction from LAB MPs tonight it is hard to see Johnson getting the 434 votes he needs on Monday to back his December 12th general election plan.

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Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod Of course there are the usual shouts of “chicken” to the main opposition party but we have been down this road twice before. Labour is not going to give its assent to a general election until a no deal Brexit is firmly off the table.

Tramadol Tablets Online In a sense it is easier for them to dismiss this move because December 12th is just ten days away from the Winter solstice when the amount of daylight each day is at its lowest..

go to link There was an impression that Corbyn is much closer in his thinking to supporting the idea but that he would struggle to carry his parliamentary party with him.

enter follow The danger for Johnson is that if this state of limbo continues there might come a time that he starts to look weak. He tries to blame the opposition when it is his self imposed Halloween deadline that’s the problem.

source site He already has the problems of having the worst leader ratings ever for a new PM during their first few months in office. So it seems that those PBers like me who since September hae been betting that a 2019 general election won’t happen will end up winners.

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Mike Smithson

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