There is little from the betting to indicate which way punters think tomorrow’s vote will go

October 18th, 2019

The betting odds above from Ladbrokes were correct as at 1345. Things might have changed since.

Given how many different views and MPs counts estimates that we are seeing the lack of a clear view on the betting markers is hardly surprising. The outcome is clearly on a knife.

What would really add to the drama would have this as a tie with the Speaker making the casting vote just eleven days before he steps down.

One thing that hasn’t been commented on much is that in London tomorrow there is the long planned People’s Vote march with with hundreds of groups coming to the capital from across the country for what the organisers hope will be one of the biggest political demonstrations on record.

The focus will be Westminster and I wonder how this is going to impact on on those MPs who have yet to make their minds up.

When October 19th was selected for this event months ago nobody could have foreseen that it would run concurrently with a Saturday sitting of the House of Commons something that has not happened since the Falklands war in 1982.

I’ve not taken any betting positions on what’s going to happen tomorrow because I just don’t know. My betting at the moment is very much focused on the White House Race and the Democratic nomination.

Mike Smithson