Two videos from the two prominent Senators who are competing for the WH2020 nomination

October 12th, 2019

At evens  for the nomination Warren’s odds are too tight

Amy Klobuchar’s odds of 300/1 are too long

At this stage in a White House race odds of evens on a contender to win the nomination ten months hence are just too tight. So much can happen in the intervening period and it won’t be until Iowa on February 3rd next year that we start to get real voter numbers. There’s also the question as to whether Warren’s left wing approach is a liability or an asset. The former is looking like the case.

Warren has moved forward while Jo Biden has seen his position get weaker in the polls although he still leads most of them Warren is ahead in a number. I think that although Bernie will go on campaigning he is no longer a realistic contender. His recent heart attack has raised too many question marks.

Senator Kamala Harris of California has not been able to capitalise on the front-runner status she achieved following the first nomination TV debate in June.

Of the Senators in the race this leaves Amy Klobuchar who has produced a couple of decent sets of polling numbers in Iowa and was impressive in the interview last night featured above. My 300/1 Betfair bet on her this morning for the nomination looks value.

Mike Smithson