Latest YouGov favourability polling shows the enormous mountain that Corbyn has to scale

September 18th, 2019

It was 3 years ago that YouGov began issuing leader favourability ratings a move that followed suggestions from me. I’ve long been in the leader ratings matter much more than voting intention numbers camp and the format I most like is when poll samples are asked whether they favour a particular political leader or not.

The numbers for Johnson speak for themselves and the biggest electoral pointer, surely, is how Corbyn is currently perceived. That 70% view the LAB leader unfavourably is hardly a good starting point if there is an early general election campaign.

I know LAB supporters will point to the incredible recovery that the party saw at GE17 but they can’t have any certainty that that will be replicated. Corbyn’s numbers started to slip following the antisemitism row and haven’t shown any sign of recovery.

One real concern for the Labour Party is that although Swinson is new to the LD leader’s job the numbers show that in net terms she is looked on more favourably by GE2017 LAB voters than Corbyn is.

He is on net minus 6% from those who voted LAB last time while Swinson is on a net plus 10%.

Johnson, for all his apparent parliamentary troubles sees his numbers advance doing particularly well amongst Leavers and CON voters.

Mike Smithson