The current most active UK betting market is on whether Article 50 will be revoked

August 29th, 2019

Yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister that there will be a Queen’s speech in mid October meaning that the number of parliamentary days available for debating Brexit has been drastically reduced has led to to a lot of betting. The current busiest market in terms of money traded is the Betfair one above on whether article 50 will be revoked. Currently that’s rated as a 25% chance but things are developing all the time and this could move up or down.

The biggest gamble of course, has been taken by Johnson himself and the level of of opposition and unease that is emerging within his own party might cause him some concern. How he manages that we shall see but an awful lot is at stake for him personally and country.

The key number to try to ascertain is how many Conservative MPs are ready to take action when the Commons does does meet next week that could conceivably impede the Johnson move and possibly even undermine his Brexit position.

No doubt this will totally dominate the headlines over the weekend. Meanwhile I’m off on my holidays

Mike Smithson