Swinson is polling better amongst CON Remainers than Johnson while Farage has a big lead over Corbyn with LAB leavers

August 26th, 2019

One of the really great things about Opinium polls for the Observer is the way they present their data including crossheads that other pollsters don’t manage to produce.

One set of these is the source of the chart above. How 2017 Conservative Remainers are responding to the different questions as well as 2017 Labour leavers.

In each case from the firm’s regular approval ratings I have deducted those giving a negative answer from those giving a positive one.

I have focused on minority groups for the Conservatives and Labour because both of them could be significant in terms of potential switching at a Brexit charged autumn general election.

That Johnson is not getting the numbers from remain supporting Conservative voters from the last election is hardly surprising but he is still in positive territory. The comparison with the new Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, is striking. It suggests a soft underbelly of Tory support that the yellow team could exploit.

For some time now Corbyn’s approval ratings across the board have been dire and he has touched some of the biggest negative numbers that have ever been recorded. The chart above shows their response to the Farage approval questions.

Mike Smithson