Senator Elizabeth Warren becomes the fourth Democrat to occupy the WH2020 nomination favourite slot

August 7th, 2019

Since the Democratic WH2020 nomination betting opened there have now been four different contenders who have occupied the betting favourite slot on the Betfair exchange. First it was Senator Bernie Sanders, the 77 year old from Vermont, then ex-VP Jo Biden, 76,  who has had two stints there.  After her impressive performance in the first debate Senator Kamala Harris took over only to see her betting position decline sharply after a lacklustre second debate appearance last week

The latest favourite is Senator Elizabeth Warren who has performed consistently throughout the campaign who once again did well in the second debate.  A new Economist/YouGov poll finds Biden leading with 22%, followed by  Warren at 16%, with  Sanders at 13%, with Harris and Buttigieg at 8% each

Ahead of WH2016 there was a lot of speculation that Warren might enter the race to compete with Hillary Clinton. She wasn’t tempted but was the first major WH2020 contender to launch her campaign. She has an ability to think quickly on her feet and to make statements about herself that very much support her campaign with sounding boastful. That’s an important skill.

Warren represents Massachusetts which is next to New Hampshire where the first full primary will be held in early February.  Historically contenders from the neighbouring state  have performed well there.

Unfortunately there’s never been a moment when her betting odds have been long enough for me to be tempted and I feel I should be on her.

Mike Smithson