All could change in the WH2020 nomination race on the evening of February 3rd in the midwest state of Iowa

August 6th, 2019

The betting is clear. Former vice president and 2 times White House campaign failure, Jo Biden, is back as favourite in the betting on the Democratic nomination on Betfair.

It is hard to see any real change here except some of the long shots pulling out of the race between now and the Iowa caucuses on February 3rd next year when business really starts.

Because of their position as being the first state to decide Iowa voters take their role very seriously and pay much greater attention to the race than those elsewhere at this stage.

Iowa with its caucuses always kicks off the White House nomination season with real voters casting real votes for the first time. To have any chance Biden should be aiming for a result there that does not raise any questions over his frontrunner status.

I’ll probably will not make any serious bets on WH2020 until Iowa. If Biden’s ge is going to be an issue it will be Iowa voters who flag this first.

Mike Smithson