Get ready for Boris’s big day to see CON resignations and the LDs perhaps getting another MP

July 23rd, 2019

This is the day that many of those elected at CON MPs have been planning for – making a gesture they hope will undermine in some way their new leader who engineered his campaign to minimise the level of scrutiny he came under.

Quite how many and what they do we don’t know but the trigger will be he announcement of the leadership election result with the expected big victory for the man some Tories hope will help them beat back the Brexit party threat.

We could also see cabinet ministers ready to quit before they are pushed. Whatever they hope that their actions will take the gloss off Boris’s election.

There’s a rumour about that one of the former CON MPs who switched to TIG might become an LD MP today. That would keep new LD leader Jo Swinson in the news,

Boris won’t become PM today. TMay will take PMQs tomorrow and then go to the palace. Then Johnson will be called and become PM and we’ll see him forming his cabinet.

A big focus will be on the size of Johnson’s vote share. Ladbrokes has made 72.5% the marker for its above or below betting which is a hard one to call.

Mike Smithson